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Religious & Constitutional Rights

We have represented people of faith in many traditions when their right to freely exercise their religion has been burdened.  We have also helped municipalities defend their actions against unfair attack in constitutional and land-use matters.

  • Zoning, Land Use and Eminent Domain
  • Tax Exemptions
  • Non-Profit Incorporation
  • Bylaws and Governance Disputes
  • Employment Issues
  • General Non-Profit Corporate Issues
In 1992, John Stepanovich had the unique opportunity to join the American Center or Law and Justice (ACLJ), the leading international public interest law firm dedicated to the protection of constitutional rights.  At the ACLJ, he travelled the country defending the religious and constitutional rights of those suffering from government intrusion upon those rights.
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Notable Cases:

Federal Judge tosses out discriminatory laws

Judge tosses out discriminatory laws adopted…
Congregation Rabbinical College of Tartikov, Inc. v. Village of Pomona, New York
December 7, 2017
Tartikov Press Release Opinion & Order, Case 7:07-cv-06304 (KMK), US District Court, Southern District of New York
Federal Court voids all discriminatory laws adopted…

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Protecting Religious Rights

  Aaron Applegate November 27, 2010 A Norfolk jury has awarded a doctor beaten by a patient in a Virginia Beach psychiatric clinic a $5.35 million judgment. The award will likely be appealed if an effort to get the judge to set aside the verdict...

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Protecting the Family – Part 2

John Stepanovich appealed the ruling all the way to the Virginia Supreme Court.  Thankfully, Circuit Judge Glen Tyler reversed the orders of the lower court and Abraham was returned to the full custody of his parents.  Stepanovich hailed the Circuit Court ruling as a...

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Protecting the Family

A few years ago, Abraham Cherrix, a courageous 16 year old with Hodgkin's disease, from Accomack County, Virginia along with his family, decided to stand up to the government and fight his cancer their way.  But they needed help.  John Stepanovich joined in to defend...

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